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Atelier Ludmila is gnawing away at a bone to get to the marrow of Freudian suggested notions of penis envy, castration anxiety and what do women really want.  Through workshop performances audiences have been asked to consider and sometimes even confess their drives in high stakes performative situations.

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council, Theatre Trent, Peterborough Arts Week and all the participants in our workshops for supporting these projects!

The Lady Barber and the Hairy Man
Told through the character of The Lady Barber, this performance pursues a very hirsute character’s desire to and fear of relinquishing his hairiness in exchange for membership in civilized society. Along this pursuit, the Lady Barber introduces the concept of penis envy portrayed by two female characters engaged in a heated rivalry over the supremacy of their fantastical penises. Through engagement with a gorilla, whipped cream, and a razor, a Beautiful Man emerges to receive compliments and to further complicate every ones experience.


Photos by Esther Vincent / Mustang Photography

What Do Women Really Really Really Want
Set in The Kitchen That Freud Build, this fictionalized story of Martha Freud (wife of Herr Doctor Ziggy) and her maid Mary takes place over a week-long heatwave in Vienna during the fin de siècle . While a bourgeois middle-aged Martha undergoes tumultuous flashes of sexual desire, shame, resentment and experiments in her sexual liberation, the illiterate Mary practices her burgeoning talent with psychoanalysis, gleaned through the kitchen vents leading up to Freud’s examination room. Includes: Seductive artists, Viennese pastries, Greek myths and a train ride inspired by Erica Jong.


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