Joellen Brydon

Opening Friday October 4th from 6-11pm until October 27
Atelier Ludmila Gallery 129 1/2 Hunter St. W. 2nd Floor
Peterborough, ON

Gallery Hours
Saturday & Sundays 11am-5pm
Weekdays by appointment:

JoEllen Brydon was born in Toronto and grew up in the farming community of Cavan township, Ontario, Canada.
Her work which documents our history has been used in academic research and cited in text and history books.

“My family came over from Ireland in the 20s and brought with them the folkloric traditions that were ingrained in their culture. There was always a poem, song or a bit of harmless gossip that would illustrate or celebrate the idiosyncrasies in human nature.  My practice is derived from my upbringing surrounded by these story tellers.  Anecdotes and twists on various styles of telling a tale have intrigued me and informed my painting from early on.  My illustrative style was not a conscious choice, but rather an evolution and reflection of life with a cast of characters.  They taught me how to perceive and relay a curious event in a simple way to reveal the true essence of a story.  My paintings, tell the day to day antics of people I meet as well as tales of my family rooted in County Tyrone,  Northern Ireland,  and in Canada. Throughout my career I have worked on paintings and projects that explore buried stories and forgotten local histories. I pay special attention, in my work, to the telling of the tale. My objective is to recapture lost histories and simple stories, which become woven into the fabric of a culture.”

Brydon is represented in two national collections;  The Art Bank of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History as well as many private collections in North America and the UK.  Brydon has exhibited in both publicly funded and commercial galleries in Canada, the US and Ireland She has won several awards and grants over the years.


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