Atelier Ludmila

Atelier Ludmila is a production house and art lab dedicated to making, creating and fostering public art and performance works.  We produce a variety of events from full-scale theatrical productions for all ages to tiny pop-ups and one-to-one performances. We’re in parks, market squares, on the streets and in all sorts of unusual places and situations.
Have a look around the site, take a nibble on some pixels and then come find us outside.

Atelier Ludmila
129 1/2 Hunter Street West, #5
Peterborough, ON K9H 2K7
please email lollypluck (at) gmail (dot) com
say hello on facebook

Artistic Director
Laurel Paluck

Artists in Situ
Leigh Macdonald
Melanie McCall
Phil Oakley
Max Price/Max’s Cabarets
Esther Vincent
Hilary Wear
Tim Wilson

Artists Nearby
Kathleen Adamson
Elizabeth Fennel
Michael Fredrickson
Matt Gilbert
Em Glasspool/Mysterious Entity
Anya Gwynn
Janel Jarvis
Sarah MacKillican
Wes Ryan
Sam Sayer
Patti Shaughnessy
Dan Smith

Artists Abroad
Matt Mawson
JuanPablo Sánchez King

Artist Hang-outs
Public Energy
Theatre on King
Trent Radio

1 Comment

  1. Love, love, love the sell line for Atelier Ludmila. You are outrageously creative with this…. sophisticated edge. How does one DO that?

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