Atelier Ludmila

Atelier Ludmila is a production house and art lab dedicated to making, creating and fostering public art and performance works.  We produce a variety of events from full-scale theatrical productions for all ages to tiny pop-ups and one-to-one performances. We’re in parks, market squares, on the streets and in all sorts of unusual places and situations.
Have a look around the site, take a nibble on some pixels and then come find us outside.

Atelier Ludmila
129 1/2 Hunter Street West, #5
Peterborough, ON K9H 2K7
please email lollypluck (at) gmail (dot) com
say hello on facebook

Artistic Director
Laurel Paluck

Artists in Situ
Leigh Macdonald
Melanie McCall
Phil Oakley
Max Price/Max’s Cabarets
Esther Vincent
Hilary Wear
Tim Wilson

Artists Nearby
Kathleen Adamson
Elizabeth Fennel
Michael Fredrickson
Matt Gilbert
Em Glasspool/Mysterious Entity
Anya Gwynn
Janel Jarvis
Sarah MacKillican
Wes Ryan
Sam Sayer
Patti Shaughnessy
Dan Smith

Artists Abroad
Matt Mawson
JuanPablo Sánchez King

Artist Hang-outs
Public Energy
Theatre on King
Trent Radio

One thought on “Atelier Ludmila

  1. Love, love, love the sell line for Atelier Ludmila. You are outrageously creative with this…. sophisticated edge. How does one DO that?

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